There’s Still Hope—If You’re Braver

There’s Still Hope—If You’re Braver

Recently, I attended a Braver Angels meeting that kicked off a statewide campaign “to reduce hostility and increase respect” during our upcoming election season.

The chairs of the both the state Republican and Democratic party were opening speakers. They each talked about building capacity statewide to:

  • Change how we view each other.
  • Disagree without alienating.
  • Understand each other’s values & perspectives.
  • Find some common ground.
  • Recognize the humanity in each other.

In short, we’re not enemies. We’re good people with different opinions.

Leaders from many colleges, churches, associations, and service groups were there, too. Each has plans to offer training to their constituents on how to “Reduce the Rancor.”

And it’s available to all of us—no matter where we are in the country—or even the world. To learn more, check out their website.

Braver Angels logo

With a mission to “Bring Americans together to bridge the partisan divide,” Braver Angels offer workshops, online classes, events, community gatherings, debates, podcasts & more.

Over the past few years, I’ve attended multiple events put on by Braver Angels. It’s always worth it.


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