5 Newsletters I Love

5 Newsletters I Love

I am so tired of newsletters that scream about what’s wrong with the world. I can’t stand reading about all that divides us—or the “others” who are our enemies.

Instead, I want to read about what’s possible in these challenging times. I want to learn about people and groups that focus on making a positive impact. They inspire me. And, inspiration leads to action.

Here are some of my favorites.

Reasons to Be Cheerful

If you ever need a mental boost, this newsletter is for you. They share great stories of how people around the world are addressing some big challenges.

Most recently, I read stories about landfills being converted into useful energy, how student journalists are saving local news, and how electric harps help a dwindling bee population make a comeback. It’s a bit off-beat but always uplifting. Good is happening.

Braver Angels

With a mission of “building a house” united, Braver Angels focuses on helping us connect and interact with people whose opinions differ from ours.

Through their newsletter, online training, events, workshops, and local chapters, they’re trying to minimize the great divide and get us working together again. (I’ve participated in some of these events, and they’re worthwhile.)

Patriotic Millionaires

Imagine a group of wealthy people wanting to pay more taxes! Through their newsletter, I’ve learned about how our tax system has changed—all for the benefit of the rich.

These patriotic millionaires believe that to have a more stable and prosperous country, those who’ve benefited the most should pay a greater share.

Letters from an American

Heather Cox Richardson, a professor of American history, writes daily about the history behind the news. She shares insights on what’s happening in today’s politics and how it relates to the American constitution, laws, economy, and more.

Her newsletter is always informative, sometimes unsettling, but important to know—even about things I didn’t want to know.

The Food Babe

Vani Hari, also known as the Food Babe, is a healthy eating activist. The more she learned about what’s in our foods, the more upset she got.

She’s led a charge to get companies like General Mills, Subway & Anheuser-Busch to alter their ingredients to ensure we are safe. I’ve given her cookbook, Food Babe Kitchen, to multiple family members.


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