Embracing Empathy for a Better Future

Embracing Empathy for a Better Future

Can we work together to solve the challenges facing our communities, countries and world? That’s the big question.

Personally, I don’t want to live in a world where all we do is talk about the idiots on the other side and blame them for everything that’s wrong. Nothing good comes of that—only further division.

In today’s video, the final in the Bridging the Divide series, Carlos Quintero and I talk about the real impact on Embracing Empathy for a Better Future.

P.S. You can reach Carlos via his website: https://ekgpower.com.


JILL KONRATH: I'm Jill Konrath from What's Really Possible. I'm here today with Carlos Quinteros to talk about EKG Power, which is his website.

We’re here today to talk about imagining a world where empathy, kindness and gratitude are pervasive. But we're going to focus today on empathy,

CARLOS QUINTERO: So, what do you think about that? What would it be like if we all embraced empathy as a skill that we're going to use on a regular basis?

JILL: Well, I think that we build community. That's number one—that if everyone were embracing empathy, we’d build a better community in our families, in our work, and with our friendships. So, I think, number one, empathy builds community.

CARLOS: Let me just add on to that, because I there are some problems in the world that are huge. And, some can be solved locally and within your family group.

And I think community, if we feel like we're part of something and we have friends and colleagues and people that we're close with, we're better off to deal with everything. Then we can tackle some of these challenges and make a difference.

JILL: Absolutely. I think empathy helps everyone promote well-being, and I think that that's such an important dimension of imagining, though, the future.

CARLOS: Well, when you say well-being, let me just say that one of the biggest issues we’re facing now is that people feel so alone.

And if empathy builds community, you don't feel as alone. Health issues get better, mental health issues get better. It's a huge deal.

JILL: Community builds trust and it's also the bridge to hope. I think that’s one of the beauties of imagining what the future might look like.

I also like it as a bridge between purpose and meaning. Right? Because people are driven by what they're most engaged by, whether that's family issues or work-related issues. But empathy is that bridge between purpose and meaning.

CARLOS: That's nice. It's the bridge between purpose and meaning. I'm going to share a quote.

JILL: Okay, good.

CARLOS: And the individual —I don't know if I can call it that—the quote comes from Chat GPT.

JILL: Okay.

CARLOS: And I've never quoted Chat GPT before, but when Chat GPT was asked about the one thing individuals could do right now to fix the problems facing the world, guess what the answer was?

“If each individual were to cultivate a consistent practice of empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of others, it could potentially bring about a dramatic and transformative change in society.”

JILL: Absolutely. Wonderful quote. Did it give you the resource? Who said that?

CARLOS: I didn't ask for the resource, but I assumed that Chat GPT went out and looked everywhere for what was going to make the biggest difference.

And you know what it said? The best way to do it is to practice active listening, which we discussed.

JILL: Yes, earlier when we talked about clarifying, interpreting and summarizing.

CARLOS: That's right. Giving your full attention to the person who's talking and really seeking to understand what they're saying. So those are kind of the big things that we've tried to bring out in this program that we've been doing on empathy primarily.

Jill, thank you for the opportunity. I think that when all is said and done, empathy is about compassion. Empathy is about caring. Empathy is about connection with each other.

Empathy is about love where appropriate, but you can do it in a non-judgmental, compassionate, straightforward kind of way. So, thank you for the opportunity to participate with you.

JILL: Well, thank you for putting some structure to this whole thing. I really appreciate it. It's been fun talking about how we can make a bigger difference in this world.

CARLOS: Thank you, Jill. And thank you, everybody, for joining us.


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