Are We Really So Far Apart?

Are We Really So Far Apart?

In our politically polarized world, it’s easy to see the “others” as an alien species. We may view them as ignorant, spiteful, racist, sexist, greedy, brainwashed people whose goal is to destroy the country.

But how often do we hear about what we have in common? Rarely! Especially when it comes to people’s values.

That’s why I thought you’d be interested in—and even surprised by—this 36-second video from Starts With Us

You’ll discover how Republicans and Democrats rate themselves and each other on these core values:

  • A government that is accountable to the people
  • Fair and equal application of the rule of law
  • A government that is representative of the people it serves
  • Learning from the past to improve our country
  • Personal responsibility and accountability for our actions
  • Respect and compassion across differences

Here’s a Challenge for You

When you get together with family and friends in the upcoming days/weeks, talk about your values. Explore your similarities.

As you’re doing this, make sure you follow Ted Lasso’s advice: “Be curious, not judgmental.”

Plus, knowing that we value many of the same things makes it easier to solve the big challenges we face in our communities, states, and countries.

Then it’s just a matter of how!

(P.S. Many thanks to John Westman for sharing the above resource with me.)


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